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We are often asked about repairs and which glue to use! We are also asked if we undertake repairs. We never, ever attempt a repair or re-glue to a Swarovski item and we can't stress enough how important it is NOT to attempt to repair a piece yourself! Only repairs undertaken by Swarovski's experts can be considered "pristine". We won't purchase any item that has been subject to a DIY repair - most are very obvious and DIY repairs ruin the piece, making it worthless, and therefore unsaleable.

Please remember that if you were to attempt your own repairs, Swarovski will realise that something has been attempted when they inspect the piece, and they will not do any work on the item at all. So, quickly sticking an ear back onto a piece now, could mean that in future, when you need a part replaced elsewhere on that piece that Swarovski will refuse to do it, as in their eyes the earlier DIY job renders the piece as no longer able to be classed as mint/pristine. So, the investment in a proper repair is best solution in the long-term.

The only safe way to get your repairs organised is to take the piece (in its original box) to your local Swarovski retailer who will send the piece off to their repair department. There is a charge for this service unless you are a Swarovski Crystal Society (SCS) member, in which case the service is free. However, in comparison to the value of the piece once its been brought back to perfection, it is a small price to pay. You can take your item to your nearest Swarovski store for onward transition to Swarovski repair centre.

To reiterate, a successful repair can only be undertaken if the repair brings the piece back to pristine condition. That means, the cleaning and re-glue of a non-damaged piece, or a damaged component removed and replaced with a new one. What Swarovski cannot do is re-glue large broken pieces, or undertake repairs or re-glues to items which have further damage (ie marks to main body parts etc) which cannot be rectified. Additionally, because parts are only available on a limited basis, there are going to be pieces which can no longer be repaired as the parts are no longer available.

We cannot stress enough how important it is not to entrust your crystal repairs to anyone but Swarovski themselves. Do not be fooled by "professional repair services" and self-claimed "mad professors" however expert they claim to be. They could ruin your crystal with a bad repair, or they could simply run of with it and never be seen again!

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