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Cariti Panda – Greater China Exclusive

This cute little chap is the Cariti panda which is only available in the Greater China area, so if you have friends and family there, get them ordering one for you! No idea if it will become available globally at some point (like the Eiffel Tower and the New York apples did), but here’s hoping.…
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National Teddy Bear day

9th September is national teddy bear day. Here’s one of my favourite pieces – the Kris Bear “I’m big now” to represent all those cuddly bears out there!
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Happy 15th birthday

The Crystal Lodge (in its current format) is 15 years old today – origins go back 30 years! Time certainly flies – we’ve been at our new, larger premises nearly a year now. We absolutely love it and it was worth all the hassle of the actual move! Thank you again for all your support,…
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The Crystal Lodge insurance valuation guide for 2023 is now available free to download from the insurance and valuations guide tab at  A separate document in PDF format giving background information about our valuation guide is also available.   Our Crystal Lodge spreadsheet will automatically calculate the total value of your collection for you,…
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Swarovski advent calendar – day 24

Ricci holiday annual edition 2022 Christmas Eve and it’s the Ricci holiday annual edition 2022.
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