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SKU: S2934

The application of “Crystal Fabrics”, a world-wide unique invention by Swarovski, to the two stamps of the block creates an innovative philatelic collector product. The light refracted by the crystal produces a glitter effect that is otherwise impossible on stamps and that brings life to the fireworks illustrated. Watching fireworks displays is a captivating experience shared by people from different cultures. Whether on New Year's Day, on national holidays or on other occasions, extravagant fireworks are always synonymous with celebration and exaltation. The stamp showing Hong Kong presents a panoramic view of the Victoria Harbour, one of the most famous natural harbours in the world. Hong Kong Island and Kowloon Peninsular on both sides of the harbour are glamorously lit. With the night sky splendidly illuminated by colourful fireworks, this dazzling city certainly lives up to its reputation as “Pearl of the Orient”. In Austria, Vienna in particular is where fireworks have been developed to perfection. The special location of the city on the Danube, in part surrounded by mountains, means that large-scale fireworks provide millions of people with an excellent view. For up to thirty minutes, the sky above the city is lit up by increasingly artistic displays. This is the highlight that concludes many a celebration on the banks of the “Blue Danube” that Johann Strauss celebrated in his waltzes over a hundred years ago. The stamp shows a firework display in the Vienna Prater, a former hunting reserve of the Austrian Imperial family converted into a recreational area for the Viennese population in 1766. The jolly mood of the amusement park is perfectly reflected by the bursting fireworks. The stamp is dominated by the Giant Ferris Wheel, the oldest in the world and the most visible landmark of Vienna erected in 1897 to celebrate the Golden Jubilee of Emperor Franz Joseph I. In 1945 it was largely destroyed and, after its reconstruction, became a popular attraction of the first order.

This SET of stamps includes:

a block of 2 mint stamps
a block of 2 franked stamps
a black and white proof copy of the stamps
a First Day Cover featuring both stamps.

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