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Both Toucans from Swarovski’s Silver Crystal range were designed by Michael Stamey. The first was part of the “Up in the Trees” series, which we discussed in an earlier post, (a set of 4 birds sold individually – the others being an owl, a parrot and a kingfisher). This first Toucan (119441) is made from clear crystal and has a frosted beak and sits on a frosted base. This one was available from 1989 to 1992. Then in 1999 another Toucan was released, which we refer to as the Toucan with colour beak (234311) and this was part of the “Feathered Beauties” collection, eventually retiring in 2009. Again the toucan was made from clear crystal, sitting on a frosted branch, but his beak was made from fire opal crystal. Very similar beak colour to the original puffins and the baby lovebirds on a branch.

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