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Swarovski code number: 9992 NR 000 002

The Crystal Shakyamuni Buddha was made by Swarovski and produced in a limited series, believed to be 10,000 pieces in total.

This extraordinary work of crystal art is much more than just an exquisite addition to your collection. It comes ready to display with a finely crafted ebony stand and an integral halogen spotlight especially designed to create an inspiring halo effect.

The Crystal Shakyamuni Buddha will be the most precious and significant treasure in your collection. A Fabulous Work of Crystal Art Blended with Religion and Spirit

The significant purpose of a Buddha's image is supposed to symbolize this Fully Enlightened One, the Buddha-truth and the enlightened wisdom. As the crystal's quality of transparency and clarity can be served as a symbol of the pure state of human mind-nature, the crystal Buddha is more able to lead people to be inspired by the spiritual meanings of the Buddha's image.

This crystal Shakyamuni Buddha has been matched with a well-designed and handmade precious and ebony illuminated stand (as rare, so not many left now), which is able to create a magnificent and inspiring halo effect to perfectly present the flawless and pure body of the compassionate Buddha. Then you can see a beautiful shadow Buddha and the colourful refractions. (The shadow Buddha seems to sit on a lotus cushion). It will give us a feeling of peace and harmony naturally.

Now more and more people are seeking nourishment for their souls and shelters in Dharma (the Buddha's teaching). The Crystal Shakyamuni Buddha is just like a clear mirror reflecting our mind and a drop of sweet dew freshening our lives. It certainly is the most significant treasure among crystal items. Its value of collection will increase day by day.


The ebony illuminated stand is 33cm long and 12cm high (at the tallest point). The crystal Buddha is 103mm tall and 80mm wide.

DISPLAY INSTRUCTIONS (as enclosed with the piece)

HOW TO DISPLAY THE CRYSTAL BUDDHA (this text has been copied exactly from Display leaflet enclosed with the Buddha)

• This handmade ebony illuminated stand contains two parts. The upper part with mirror can be singly used as a stand of the Crystal Buddha when you don’t want to display it with the illuminated stand.

• This illuminated stand is fit for 220v electric power. The electric parts include a halogen bulb (12V 20W) and its socket connected with an adapter (220V→12V), and an extension wire with a dimmer.

• When you fix on or take off the bulb, please hold the outside rim of the bulb and carefully insert into it or take it off the socket. Make sure if the bulb is in the right position and direction.

• When the light is on, its temperature will be very high. So please don’t touch it!

• You may adjust the dimmer to the level of illumination you like. Better avoid turning on the light at its full intensity unless just for a short time (half an hour). If you should let the light on a long period of time, please adjust the dimmer to lower its intensity 10%-30% to avoid this wooden stand getting too hot.

• If the bulb or other electric parts have burned out, you may change it with similar ones according as the original way.

• You should be very careful when you move the Crystal Buddha. Please wear cotton gloves, or you may hold the outside of both arms of the Crystal Buddha with your thumb and forefinger to move it carefully.

• You may wipe the Crystal Buddha clean with soft tissues, or wash it with clean water gently and carefully if it is dusty. To use a little cleansing lotion is helpful (but only for its base). You should be careful about the crystals on the Buddha’s hand and head to keep them from dropping. You had better wash the Crystal Buddha in a basin to avoid any crystal dropping into the drainage. Then please carefully absorb it dry with tissues. Please check the crystal after washing. If any of them drops, you may stick it back with transparent adhesive.

• You may wipe the wooden stand clean with a piece of dry cloth or tissues.

• The Crystal Buddha had better be displayed at a proper place, which has a back wall with a plain and light colour. Displaying the Crystal Buddha at the dim corner of the house is better, as which is more able to present its optical effect. The illuminated stand can be placed at a proper distance against the wall 5-15cm. The best height of the Buddha is almost on the line of eye level, thus you can see a beautiful shadow of Buddha and the colourful refraction. (The shadow Buddha seems to sit on a lotus cushion). A proper place, as well as a proper way to display it will increase the whole magnificent effect created by this well-matched lighted stand.

Overseas clients will also need to pay full shipping costs as this item is not covered by the flat rate international postage rates as the stand is a very heavy item.


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