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A plea for help from a collector regarding the Swarovski Goose family, which was available from 1993 to 1999 and all family members designed by Adi Stocker for the Barnyard Friends collection. Which one is which? Of course, while the goslings are all known by a name, this name does not appear on the box label which doesn’t help!

The easy one is the Goose mother as she is larger than her brood and she is the only one to have a closed beak. Tom Gosling is easily identified from his siblings as he looks forward and is the only family member to have one foot turned upwards – all the other geese are flat-footed. Dick Gosling is the one turning his head around. For everyone who loves variation pieces – there’s Harry Gosling, the one whose looks like he is about to drink or eat. Harry’s neck stone height can vary. In the most extreme examples we have noted at The Crystal Lodge, it can be ½” to ¾” above the shelf and almost runs parallel with the shelf with the tail is higher than the head, or up to 1” above the shelf and the tail lower than the head.

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