Selling Swarovski Crystal to The Crystal Lodge (London) Ltd

Selling your Swarovski collection

Thinking of selling your Swarovski collection?

Please note we only purchase perfect Swarovski crystal in the original boxes which must also be in good condition. We do not purchase unboxed collections or broken crystal, however, minor the damage.

We have been absolutely inundated with requests from potential sellers of Swarovski crystal collections! We receive, on average, offers for 8 or 9 large Swarovski collections a week and several smaller ones, most of which we are turning away at the moment. We have high stock levels, so our priority is selling! We have to be realistic about the amount of stock we hold, and need to be very selective about items we purchase - tailoring our buying to what actually sells and not building up stocks of immovable objects! Sadly, many of the Swarovski collections we are being offered are very similar and are comprised of pieces which do not reflect what is selling well at the moment.

Older items such as annual editions and animals, paperweights, candleholders from the 1980s are far slower to sell at this time as many original Swarovski collectors are choosing to downsize and these items are flooding the market, yet are not popular with buyers. Newer Swarovski collectors are only seeking more newly retired items, which of course, the original collectors do not have in their collections. So, there is a big gap between what we are generally being offered and what our buying clients are looking for.

April 2021 update
We already have good stocks of crystal and plenty of Swarovski collections already on our books which we are working our way through. If we need any particular items we will set up a "wanted" page on our website, and list the pieces we are looking for, but in the meantime, we have enough stock and collections of Swarovski crystal already on our books to last us a very long time. It would be unrealistic to add to that list. Our "wanted" page is not currently on-line as there is nothing we are specifically looking for.

We bought numerous collections before Christmas and have now completed our post-Christmas re-stock purchasing even more collections, so if you are on our books and you haven't heard from us about this, then I'm afraid you're still on the list and we hope to get to you in the not too distant future.

Please don't make the mistake that some people do. Often we receive e-mails from people who have diligently gone through our website and then send us a list highlighting our attention to those items which are shown as out of stock, expecting that we will jump at the chance to buy them! I'm afraid its not that simple.

Firstly, our stock changes on a daily basis - but more importantly, often there are good reasons for certain items being out of stock - sometimes its as simple as we don't want to keep those items in stock as they don't sell well - in other words, they are the very last items we would wish to buy!!! So, it is a huge waste of a potential seller's time to do this, and while we feel bad pointing it out, we want to save you from a lot of unnecessary work/research.

When we are seeking to buy Swarovski collections, our system is simple, safe and secure. We will ask you to send us a list of the items you wish to sell by e-mail. We prefer not to receive them by post, unless you give us an e-mail address for our response. We do not have a fax machine, so please do not attempt to send them to our office number! We need as much information as you can provide – particularly whether you have the original Swarovski boxes and certificates, and a full description of any damage, however minor, to each piece. This is particularly important for items such as annual editions. Letting us know that a box is particularly scruffy is also a help, or if the foam is missing etc. This will enable us to give you a far more accurate estimate when we make your initial offer. We are very unlikely to purchase unboxed collections, damaged pieces or collections of paperweights or candleholders, etc. We prefer to receive only those Swarovski collections which are in pristine condition and for which all the Swarovski boxes and Swarovski certificates (where appropriate) are present and are also in excellent condition, preferably with their original labels also present. If you are not sure of the correct name for the piece, then photographs will help. We need to know what you have before we can give a rough estimate. A list that says, for example, 2 cats, 3 dogs etc is of no use to us as there are too many options!

When/what and how we buy Swarovski collections

It is very rare that we buy your Swarovski collection immediately – please do not expect us to do so! There is no first come/first served arrangement when buying collections either. We only offer for your Swarovski collection when our stock levels require it, and much depends on gaps or potential gaps in our stock as to which collections we choose to make an offer on.

If our stock levels are low, and we need the pieces on your list, we will offer to purchase your entire Swarovski collection. If, however, our stock levels are high, but there are some items which we need now, we may offer to purchase selected items as we need them and purchase the other items at a later date. Your details are kept for our use only – and will never be passed to anyone else. There may be times when we have many collections on our books, and it may take a while before we can make you an offer. Once again, can we respectfully remind you that just because a piece or pieces are shown as "out of stock" on our website, it doesn't necessarily mean we are seeking to re-stock those items!! Many potential sellers fall into this trap and send us e-mails saying "you haven't got this, this and this, but I have, will you buy it?" Our stock changes on a daily basis and sometimes we don't stock particular items as we don't want them as they are not popular!

We also buy empty Swarovski boxes and sometimes, display items manufactured by Swarovski for use by dealers. Again, send us a list of the items you wish to sell and we will make an offer when the time is right.

We prefer to buy from the UK, and occasionally EU countries. We tend not buy from outside the EU as the import duty and customs fees imposed on those imports are such that around 1/3rd of the value of the items is charged, and that makes the crystal too expensive to resell. We do make exceptions to that rule, but usually only for items which were not originally available to the European marketplace. We do purchase Swarovski collections from all over the world, but our preference is from UK and EU countries.

Our initial offer

Only at the stage where we contact you with a view to buying items, do we give you a rough idea of what our offer will be – this of course, depends on the crystal being in the exact condition that you have stated. Our offer may have to be adjusted if we find imperfections or that the pieces are not what you thought they were. For example, you may have listed something as mint, but we discover it has some minor damage to it – we would have to adjust our offer accordingly. Similarly, you might list something as, for example, a mouse, but when we inspect it we discover that is, in fact a rare version of mouse – so in that case, subject to condition, our offer would also need to be adjusted, but this time in an upwards direction. If the majority of the collection is in a poor condition, we will return the entire collection to you as it will be unsaleable.

When we make a final offer

Once we have inspected and graded your crystal, we will make our final offer, detailing why we are increasing or decreasing our offer based on what we have discovered. Upon your acceptance we will send you a bank transfer in full and final settlement.

This is a much better way to sell a Swarovski collection, than having to list it individually and parcel it up on and as and when basis as you would through a broker, plus we pay you straight away for your items – as we purchase them ourselves, becoming the owners of the piece(s), unlike brokers who match each individual item one at a time, you send them individually (which is much more expensive) and they pay you for each item individually but only after they have sent the item to the buyer and the buyer has accepted the item.

Please be realistic about offers - we can't offer you a price similar to what we sell the item for. We have huge overheads running this business, and there is no guarantee that any of the items that we buy from you will sell quickly, if at all, and all these considerations have to be taken into account. Remember, our insurance valuation shows the sort of price you would have to pay in order to acquire a replacement item in mint condition, in its original packaging, it should not be used as a guide to what you could achieve selling your items.

How to get your crystal to us

We do NOT visit your home/premises to check, inspect, collect or offer for your crystal – no exceptions. Additionally, our insurers do not permit us to have clients attend our premises to drop off or collect crystal for security reasons. Again, no exceptions.

Special Delivery can be used for parcels of up to 10kg. UPS, Parcelforce and other couriers are also available, and in some cases they can collect from your home. Don’t forget that by sending all your items together, this is much more cost-effective than paying for each item to go to a broker individually. Courier services are not as expensive as you might think and they offer an overnight service. We will go through the options with you at the time, as much will depend on the size of the collection and how bulky it will be to transport. For huge collections, we have different arrangements for the transportation of those, which will be discussed when we are in the process of buying your Swarovski collection.

Should you decide not to go ahead with the sale once the crystal is with us, then once again, it will be your responsibility to finance the return journey of the crystal to your home. That might sound harsh, but sadly, we have to insist on this, due to time-wasters.


We recognise that not everyone “wants” to sell a Swarovski collection, it may be that for whatever reason, they “have” to sell, and while we would never ask your reason for selling, we understand that sometimes this can be a difficult and painful time, and therefore we endeavour to deal with each sale as sensitively as possible. We also recognise that there are some out there who prey on people who are going through bereavements and snap up items as quickly and cheaply as possible, while pretending to be helpful. We have heard some real horror stories, so please beware of anyone who approaches you if you advertise or ask around. You only have these items to sell once, and you may not even want to part with them at all, don't get ripped off by people who know what they are worth, but are who are banking on the fact that you don't, and/or you just want rid of it as quickly as possible! They will appear to be very friendly indeed and understanding, offering to help you, asking you if you're sure you really want to sell etc, maybe take a little more time to think about it - luring you in, getting you to trust them. This is how they operate - don't be taken in by it. If they approach you, have a look on Ebay - are they claiming on Ebay to be one of the cheapest sellers? Well, that's not going to bring you much of a return, is it? Do the research and then decide for yourself!

While that does sound like a lot of rules and regulations, the process in reality is simple and straightforward, and we endeavour to buy your collection as quickly as we can, and process the transaction in a friendly and professional manner. As with most things, even the purchasing and selling of Swarovski crystal collections comes down to supply and demand, so its not an exact science, but by making you aware of the process upfront, and with you providing us with as much information as possible ahead of our initial offer, this should ensure that when the time comes for the collection to change hands, that this is done quickly, efficiently and as painlessly as possible, with no nasty surprises for anyone.

We look forward to working with you in the future, giving you the opportunity to sell your Swarovski collection privately, confidentially and in one easy transaction.

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