NEWSLETTER 8 - September 2013

Hello again. Just a quick newsletter this time as there isn’t much to tell you as we’ve been doing a lot of work behind the scenes. But we do have a lot of new stock which we have recently added to the website, with more to follow shortly.

Following on from the last newsletter, we have some good news for our UK based clients as we have decided to return to the free postage option on all orders. Despite Royal Mail’s huge price hike, we just don’t feel comfortable charging postage on domestic orders. The exception to this will be if you request something via Special Delivery service, where we will get a postage quote for you. Other than that, we will post by 1st class recorded in the vast majority of cases and this service will be free.


We continue to add more photographs to the website and have completed about one third of the task so far, but it is a very long, time-consuming job. So far, the Silver Crystal animals and non-animals, annual and limited editions plus annual Christmas ornaments, Disney, Lovlot, Happy Duck, Kris Bear, Bo Bear and Hello Kitty sections have been completed. We have also re-watermarked the new photos so that the watermarks are smaller and look more consistent. You can now click on those pictures and view them in slideshow format

We are experiencing an intermittent fault in checkout for some WorldPay customers, who are not receiving confirmation from the website that their order has been processed. We don’t receive our copy either! Fortunately, the e-mail from WorldPay does come through, which makes us aware of it, and we can find the order on the website, but its stuck in checkout, rather than processed, which is odd! This has only been occurring since we moved servers and only happens to about 50% of WorldPay customers, but so far we’ve been unable to find a common link. It is likely that we will have to move servers again as no-one seems to be able to resolve the issue. Apologies to those of you who have experienced this issue. The issue does not affect PayPal, just certain WorldPay orders.

Article Listings

I mentioned in the last Newsletter that it was a shame that Article Listings had disappeared from the Swarovski website, so I was delighted to find the 2012 article listing in the Member Area of their website recently. It really is great to have all those little drawings back!

Crystal Lodge birthday

The Crystal Lodge celebrated its 5th birthday this month. We have some “Birthday Bonanza” special offers on the website to mark the occasion! This includes some rare and very sought after pieces including some Signed Numbered Limited Edition pieces.


Last time round, we mentioned that Swarovski had announced that they would not be producing any further “repeats”. By this we mean items which had been produced and retired in one colourway or in clear crystal, which were then reintroduced in a different colour with no change to the actual design. This would appear to be the case and there is an article on their website which explains that the recently released Green Tourmaline Panther will be the last of 4 on-line editions (black/jet, orange shine, lime green, green tourmaline). There were of course, 2 other panthers in the range – clear and moroda which were not exclusive editions.


If you are a member of Facebook, please don’t forget to “like” us – our “likes” are gradually creeping up. When we first joined, we were impressed to see that Iron Maiden had 8.7 million “likes”, we had about 3. Today we see they are up to 10.1 million and we have 167. So, we’re just a few behind now …!!! The easiest way to find our Facebook page is to access it from our website (bottom left hand corner of home page). Thank you!

Opening hours

Due to an unexpected and sudden bereavement, we are still a bit behind with certain tasks as I took the decision to close down for a while during August. In particular, Express an Interest requests are not as up to date as they should be. I would just like to thank you for all your messages and kind words of support during that very difficult time. They really meant a lot.

As a consequence, we have also needed to adjust our opening hours slightly and these are now: Monday to Friday 10am to 3.30pm. Lunch break is usually somewhere between 12pm and 1pm, but varies according to how the day is going! No two days are ever the same! We remain closed at weekends and also during all Bank Holidays (which apply to England).

Christmas ordering

If you are ordering something special for Christmas, please don’t leave it too late as we get exceptionally busy from October onwards, and the more time we have to organise things, the better!

Until next time, happy collecting!

With very best wishes,

Alison and the Team

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