NEWSLETTER 4 - August 2012

Dear Collectors,

Time for another newsletter – where is the year going?! Our tales of woe in the last Newsletter now seem like a distant nightmare. We are still feeling some knock-on effects although we have more or less caught up with the computer side of things. Stock is now getting tidied up a bit, although space, as ever, is at a premium. After some very long hours, we are virtually back on track, but some of the things we would have liked to have completed by now are still either “in progress” or haven’t been started. These are the things we would have been doing earlier this year, instead having to spend time re-doing things we had lost, but we do feel like we are “almost” there now.

Life at The Lodge

Anyway, this is what we have been up to since the last Newsletter. We have re-arranged the categories in the web shop, splitting up the functional area into more manageable sections, and also moved Kris Bears and Happy Ducks out of the Crystal Moments section into their own areas. The 2013 insurance guide will follow the new format so it links in with the shop.

We have also added a huge new section called “Current Crystal Gallery” to the shop. Items which feature in this area are for information only and not available for sale, as we only deal in secondary market items. In this area, you will find all the currently available primary market pieces (ie those which are still in the Swarovski stores) with photos and descriptions of each piece. Clients have already mentioned that they find this section of the website really useful when they are searching for a particular piece as they will instantly know if its retired or current. Again, clients have told us its great if they have an insurance claim as they can see old and new pieces in one place. We’ve also been gradually going through the shop categories, adding additional photos where possible, and replacing some of the older ones with better quality ones.

We will shortly be adding 4 more identification guides to our reference section and as ever, these will be downloadable free of charge, and show photos of all the pieces in these categories all in one place. Kris Bears and Lovlot Mos are just 2 of the reference guides to be added shortly.

The first batch of retirees for 2012 have been transferred into the shop now that they have been officially discontinued. So far we know of 49 pieces which have retired and disappeared from Swarovski stores. On the figurine side, we understand there are another 70+ items to be retired at the end of year. Just as well we opted for the unlimited web space option!

We have recently moved to new, dedicated servers. This change-over did cause a few hiccups, but all now sorted, and hopefully everything from this point onwards will be very smooth. A few of our photos disappeared during the changeover, but as we are finding empty spaces, we are filling them!

Clients have been asking us what a “typical” day at The Crystal Lodge consists of. Can’t really answer that one as I don’t think that in the 4 years we have been doing this, that we’ve had 2 days the same!

Diamond Jubilee/Olympics London 2012

We have been asked if there were any special pieces made for The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee and/or the Olympics. We have been unable to find anything Swarovski which has specially commissioned for the Jubilee.

Turning to the Olympics, the contract for “crystal/glass” souvenirs went to Dartington Crystal. I suppose that is more appropriate as it’s a UK manufacturer producing souvenirs for the Games which are in the UK. The Olympic logo is fiercely guarded and without approval cannot be used, so it doesn’t look like there will be any Swarovski made souvenirs.


Our Facebook page (www.facebook.com/thecrystallodge) is attracting quite a following, and over the past few weeks, we have been posting some quiz questions, ie cropped photos of crystal pieces (usually at a funny angle to make it more difficult) and pictures of foam inserts to see if collectors can guess what the piece is, or which piece belongs in that particular foam. We have some broken pieces here that don’t really look like what they originally were, which we are going to photograph for future questions, and we’re thinking up some fiendish crystal related questions as well. It’s a great way to interact with clients and have some fun.


Our Ebay shop remains popular, but in the vast majority of cases you will find that our website prices are cheaper than Ebay, so do check the website before you purchase something via Ebay. There are also postage advantages for overseas clients who purchase via our website.

New stock

Lots of vintage items coming into stock very soon, including some of the old smoking accessories, photo frames and several colour paperweights, including cone rio, carousel and barrel/revolution.

Thanks to some targeted buying, we also recently had every limited and annual edition in stock. However, the Black Bull has already been snapped up, and the 1995 Eagle is reserved, along with the Caring and Sharing set. Also in a small collection we found the elusive clear based Woodpeckers which will be flying off to their new home this week on their way to a very proud, and absolutely delighted new owner.

We are in the process of uploading even more amazing items from a huge collection, which recently arrived, including Apollo Bowl, Colorado Bowl, various disc paperweights, Arcadia picture frames, Jewels Bowls, Lovlots, Disney, and even a rare Sitting Dumbo v4, which I have to say is absolutely gorgeous and I am desperately trying to be ruthless and not buy it for my own collection. Please, please, please, someone buy it and save me from myself!!!

There are also numerous Paradise flowers, fish and butterflies, and many of the larger Silver Crystal animals included in this collection.

Swarovski new issues

The new Lovlots lines of Emotis and Bo Bears are creating quite a stir on the primary market. Love ‘em or hate ‘em, they have certainly got people talking!

The 2012 Christmas ornaments have also made their debut on the Swarovski website, including an exclusive 1000 piece limited edition free-standing ornament which looks amazing. A wide variety of new animals have also made their debut. Now we are eagerly awaiting to hear news of the 2013 annual edition. What will it be? We know that there are no longer trilogies of annual editions, but after a polar bear and a humpback whale, will the polar theme continue?

Don’t forget that if you are unable to get to a store or signing event to purchase your event piece seal pup, there is a special one day only/one per SCS member opportunity to purchase this cute piece via the Swarovski website – so do put the date in your diary – 25th October 2012.

Crystal Fanatics Club (CFC)

Great to see more of you joining the Crystal Fanatics Club (CFC) – now in its 13th year of operation. It’s a fabulous place to be, you can post to their message boards, swop views/information with other members, join in regular hosted chats, receive fabulously early sneak peeks at forthcoming issues including annual and limited editions – and you will be absolutely blown away by their photo galleries which are incredible. More information is available from our Links page (under the About Us tab). Join up at: www.crystalfanaticsclub.com


An exquisite and lifelike Swarovski crystal Shakyamuni Buddha was created in 1995, and produced in a limited series of 1000 pieces. It certainly is an unprecedented and unique crystal work. We are delighted to say that are able to source a limited number of these exquisite pieces. More details are available on our website – just type Buddha into the search box.
If you are interested in purchasing this wonderful piece, just let me know as we don’t always keep them in stock, but even so, should be able to source one for you within 3 weeks for UK clients, 4 weeks for overseas clients.


Also available is Ganesha – we currently have some of these in stock at the moment, but they always sell out fast. Again, we have access to a limited number of these, so if they are out of stock at any time, and you would like one – just let me know. More information can be found by typing Ganesha into the search box on our website. If out of stock, we can normally find these in 2 weeks for UK clients, 3 for overseas clients.

Christmas orders

I know you will be thinking – what??? But, here at The Crystal Lodge we have to think ahead and we are already talking to/exchanging e-mails with several clients about secret presents for spouses/significant others. If you are looking for something special, the earlier you tell us, the better!

Warner Books

Stocks are now very low, and we won’t be restocking this year, so if you are looking for this year’s books, please don’t delay, as there are very few copies left in stock.

Happy Birthday to The Crystal Lodge!

The Crystal Lodge, in its current format will be 4 years old on 1st September 2012. As you know, the company is an amalgam of The Crystal Lodge, Nancy Gibbs Collectibles and Crystal Exchange Ltd, with Crystal Exchange reaching its 20th birthday next year, having been established in 1993. Doesn’t seem possible!

Next Newsletter

We’re hoping to produce another Newsletter in November time, so until then - happy collecting!

With very best wishes,

Alison and the Crystal Lodge team

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