Welcome to another edition of The Crystal Lodge Newsletter. Just a quick newsletter this time, as there’s not a great deal to report. We are busy working behind-the-scenes on various projects, and trying to do a stock-take as well - which is not one of our favourite jobs – we would rather sell it, than count it!! I imagine that this year will be no different from previous years, in that, I will start off with good intentions trying to keep everything neat, tidy and organised throughout the process, but at some point I will end up surrounded by boxes and crates, having unintentionally barricaded myself in the stock room! Happens every time! Mind you, it is a good way of making sure the job gets done, as if I don’t finish the job, I can’t get out! Method in my madness? Maybe …! Anyway, onto all things Swarovski.

Lovlot Mos

For anyone who hasn’t seen it yet – the Soccer Championship Mo, resplendent in the yellow and green of Brazil with football motif printed on its side, is available throughout the World Cup Soccer Tournament, or for as long as stocks last. This is the second time that Swarovski have produced a Mo to coincide with a football competition. The first footballing Mo was launched to commemorate the Euro 2008 competition (which was co-hosted by Austria and Switzerland). This red Soccer Mo had a football under its neck, instead of the traditional alpine cow bell. However, unlike Soccer Championship Mo which is available globally, the red Soccer Mo was only available in Austria and Switzerland.

Swarovski’s “Design a Mo” competition has apparently attracted a huge number of entries from collectors. The 3 winners will be notified of their success at the end of June. I wonder whether they might use more than 3 of designs which were submitted, so that more collectors can see “their” Mo creation on the shelves?

A French exclusive

Introduced in 2014 and exclusively available in France, the Eiffel Tower figurine is designed entirely from clear crystal. This reproduction of the famous iron lady built by Gustave Eiffel will delight admirers of the French capital. The size of the piece is approximately 9.1 x 3.6 x 3.6 cm. We have managed to get hold of a few of these pieces, but numbers are very limited.

Paradise bee-eaters

Swarovski have taken the unusual step of re-introducing a retired piece – something I hope they don’t make a habit of. As you can imagine, it causes us all sorts of problems when this happens! The Bee-eaters should be available again in July. Apparently, the piece has been re-introduced by popular demand.

Price lists

Also re-introduced, albeit in on-line format, are the much loved Swarovski price lists! Yippee! Here is a link to the most recent UK price list, which can be downloaded and printed.

[Link now removed - as it is no longer operational]

If you need a different price list, you can access them via the link above, and then you just need to make a change or two to the web address to reflect your country code and language. Here are some examples:

For price lists in English, just change “GB” to your own country code, so US for USA, CA for Canada and AU for Australia, NZ for New Zealand.

For price lists in other languages (sorry, I couldn’t find a French Canadian one), you need to change the “GB_en” to the following – for France FR_fr, for Germany DE_de, The Netherlands needs NL_nl, for Greece GR_gr, Spain ES_es, Italy IT_it and so on! Let’s hope these will become a regular feature. The price lists can’t be easy to produce, particularly in paper format, as there are so many languages and currencies to contend with, but its great to have them back!

The Designer Black Stallion

In our last newsletter, we mentioned that there would be a new piece, limited to 888 pieces. Last month the exclusive designer edition black stallion was unveiled. Collectors are invited to choose the number of the piece they would like (on a first come, first served basis) by using what looks like a briefcase combination lock on-screen. Just “dial” the 3 wheels to see which numbers are available. At time of writing, all the single digit numbers had gone, and most of the 2 digit ones. Numbers with 3 identical digits, ie 111 and 888, plus many of the sequential ones (123, 234) have already disappeared, along with other favourites! Launched on 12 May 2014, the stallion was available exclusively to SCS members for a period of 6 weeks, before becoming an “open” edition on 23rd June.

New releases

More new pieces are being released over the course of the next few months, including loads of Christmas items, the full range of annual Christmas ornaments, a 2014 exclusive Mo, 2 Kris Bears for 2014, one of which is exclusive to SCS members. There are also new Silver Crystal animals, a stunning Myriad piece, a Halloween piece, new functional items, Happy Ducks, and a new batch of Lovlot Pioneer pieces in colour. We’re not giving away any clues about the designs, as we prefer to let Swarovski surprise you!

Birthstone angels

The birthstone angels are now up to the July release, which holds a ruby heart. With only 500 of each colour produced world-wide, they do tend to be snapped up fairly quickly. The birthstone angels are available exclusively on-line, and are launched on the first day of the previous month, so August (Peridot) is launched on 1st July, September (Sapphire) on 1st August. Birthstones for the rest of the angels are light rose for October, topaz for November and blue zircon for December.

Crystal Lodge News

Having fought my way out of the stock room, we have recently sent a parcel of goodies to a new customer in Slovenia, so that’s another country added to our list. Swarovski is certainly a global phenomenon!

Our invoices/receipts are approaching 6,400 (having started at 1 in mid-2009 when we launched our website). It doesn’t seem possible! That’s a lot of cardboard boxes, packaging tape and packing materials that we’ve got through! Long may it continue!

If you are a member of Facebook, please “like” us, as we would love to increase the number of followers we have! Thank you. We will be making a big effort to make more use of Facebook in the future.

That’s all for this time, so until the next newsletter, happy collecting, and have a great summer!

Alison and The Crystal Lodge Team

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