Welcome to another edition of The Crystal Lodge Newsletter.

Well, we survived the Christmas rush, and we’ve been busily working behind the scenes to get all the end of 2013 retirement and new release 2014 information up to date. Everything tends to happen at once! Here’s a summary of what we’ve been up to recently.

Insurance guides

The 2014 insurance guides are now available in the “insurance/valuations” tab. Once again, you have the choice of PDF or Excel versions, both of which are free to download. Separate “notes” are also available in PDF format which provide more information about how to use the guides.

The 2 versions of the guide contain identical information, however, the advantage of using the Excel spreadsheet is that you can insert the quantity of each piece that you have into the quantity column, leaving the spreadsheet to do all the hard work, automatically calculating the total insurance value of your collection. There are blank rows at the end of the guides so that you can continue to add new releases which you purchase during the year.

Pricing research was undertaken during December 2013 and January 2014 for retired items. For current items the prices were taken from the Swarovski website as at 1st February 2014

At time of publication, we became aware that despite not being listed as retiring at the end of 2013, the remaining Emotis from the Lovlot range had disappeared from the Swarovski website. We contacted Swarovski for advice, and they have confirmed that these pieces have now retired.

We also noticed that some Christmas items, namely the new Santa and Snowman plus the Shining Star tree are not featured on the Swarovski website. However, we are not aware, at this time (and Swarovski could not confirm or deny) whether they will be returning these products into their stores and to their website later in the year. So, for now, we have left those as “current” pieces.

Reference guides

We have completely updated our Reference guides, these can be found in the reference area of the website. We have expanded the year of introduction and retirement guides to include Christmas ornaments, annual, limited and special editions plus joining and renewal gifts, and event pieces for completeness, as well as continuing to feature them in their own separate identification guides. More identification guides will be issued later in the year to enhance this very popular area of our website.

Each of the guides now shows the date of the last update so that you can see if there have been any changes since you last printed them off. This can be found in the footer area of the page.

In the case of the introduction guides, we have added a statement to the end of those introduction guides which now contain only retired pieces. Again, this gives you a better idea of whether something is likely to be updated again in the future.


As you probably noticed, the Newsletter drop-down menu on the website was getting a bit too long, so we’ve had a quick change around and the Newsletters can now be accessed direct from the Newsletter page in a brand new “book” feature.

Current Crystal Gallery

We have added all the Quarter 1/2014 new releases into the “current crystal” area of our website. These items are not available for sale from us, they are included so that you can see photographs and view information about both retired and current pieces all in one place.

Swarovski crystal insurance policy (UK only)

While on the topic of insurance, the bespoke policy for Swarovski collectors remains very popular. Further information, including a key facts document can be found in the newly updated insurance/valuations tab. If you need a quote, just complete the e-form within that page and your details go direct to the Scheme Administrators, who will contact you within 24 hours. The information is not seen by us.

“Prototypes” and Alabaster Mo

We became aware of some “prototype” pieces which were being discussed by collectors a few years ago. Our policy on prototypes is that we will not enter into any transactions for items of this nature unless and until Swarovski verify the existence of the product. However, we were being asked about these items on a regular basis by collectors who were hoping to locate them for their collections. The items in question being things like Shady the Sheep and Missy Mo in colour-ways such as frosted, golden shadow, black diamond and dark moonlight crystal.

Alarmed by the fact that people were still trying to track down these items, we contacted Swarovski and asked them whether they had heard of these pieces as we weren’t convinced that they were genuine Swarovski issues. They very kindly replied informing us that they are aware of the existence of some of these pieces, but explained that they were products which had been “manipulated by a third party”.

Swarovski also said that a genuine prototype would be specially marked, and due to very strict security, it would be highly unlikely that they would ever get out of the factory.

I should add that the above does not apply to the elusive 300 piece limited edition Alabaster Mo (pictured), which is a genuine, documented Swarovski piece. It was never sold directly to the public, but was given as a gift to journalists at an event in Paris.

Where our clients live

Swarovski crystal is certainly very popular all around the world. We have clients in several countries, and we’re getting very good at working out who needs customs forms and who doesn’t!!

In addition to our clients in all 4 countries of the UK, including the Channel Islands, the Isle of Man and the Highlands and Islands, these are the countries we have been sending our parcels to recently:

Armenia Gibraltar Majorca Qatar
Australia Gran Canaria Malaysia Russia
Austria Greece Malta Saudi Arabia
Belgium Hong Kong Mauritius Singapore
Bulgaria Hungary Mexico South Africa
Brazil Ireland (Republic of) Monaco Spain
Canada Israel Namibia Sweden
China Italy Netherlands Switzerland
Croatia Japan New Zealand Taiwan
Cyprus Jordan Norway Thailand
Denmark Kingdom of Bahrain Peru Turkey
Finland Latvia Philippines UAE
France Lithuania Poland Uruguay
Germany Luxembourg Portugal USA

Birthstone Angels – limited editions

Look out for the limited edition Birthstone Angels which are being released on a monthly basis, exclusively on the Swarovski website in limited editions of 500 pieces worldwide. All angels are identical except for the colour of the little heart that they are holding in their hands. The angels “released” so far are: January (Siam), February (Amethyst) and March (Aquamarine) pictured left to right. With such a low number available, the January and February angels sold out really quickly. We have a few of each in stock if you need them.

More new issues soon

Swarovski have lots more surprises for you with the next batch of releases coming up shortly, which include a new range of cute Disney pieces, a Buddha, a jet Jaguar, a new pineapple (exclusively available in 2014), new Soulmates pieces, including one limited to just 888 pieces worldwide. More flowers and butterflies plus 2 new candleholders also “coming soon”.

And finally …

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Until the next time, happy collecting!

Alison and The Crystal Lodge Team


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