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26th January 2016

Insurance guides for 2016 now available in Excel and PDF formats.

For full information on how to use the guides, please read the Insurance Valuation Guide notes before you download. This will answer many of your questions about the valuations and how to use the guide. Don't forget that if you download the Excel version and add in the quantity of each piece that you have, the spreadsheet will do all the hard work calculating the total number of pieces in your collection and the value for insurance purposes.

Why not create a second copy of our insurance guide once you have the value of your collection organised, and use it to create and price your Swarovski wish list? You can use the blank rows to add pieces that Swarovski add to the range during the year to keep it up to date.

Coming soon .....

Photo gallery updates

15th January 2016

We've now moved to a new, dedicated server after we were experiencing issues with downtime and also e-mails kept disappearing without a trace. Always glad when a move like that is over!!!

Older News

Swarovski Crystal Year of Introduction and Year of Retirement Guides

Just click on the link below to view:


A permanent weblink to the Reference gallery can be found in the Reference section page.
We really hope you enjoy this exciting feature, which is completely FREE OF CHARGE.

We've updated the shop pages to show a general description for each item, and then the size, designer, introduction date and retirement date for the piece in a list format underneath the description for greater clarity. The new format will be as follows:

Swarovski code numbers: 123456 / 1234 567 890

Description of the item

Size: xxxxx
Designer: xxxxx
Introduced: xxxxx
Retired: xxxxx

Express an Interest is now known as "Crystal Detective"

Use the feature and we will search for up to one calendar month for the items you are seeking. You will receive an automatic response to your initial request. If the search is successful, we'll let you know and give you first refusal on the item/s requested. If unsuccessful, this means the item is very difficult to find, and after one calendar month we automatically stop the search. We can't give regular updates as we run so many requests simultaneously, so we hope you will understand that we feel its better to spend more time searching rather than sending you updates to confirm that we still haven't found the item you are seeking, which would probably become irritating to you anyway!!

We are now on Amazon UK! Although please remember that, as per Ebay, seller fees are high on there, so it is cheaper to buy direct from our website.

Using the search facility

Please remember the golden rule that "less is more" when searching so "smurf" rather than "blue smurf" works best!! If searching by code numbers, no spaces between the short numbers, ie 123456 rather than 123 456 works best, and for the long number, leave out any Art or NR and just type in the number as 7600 000 000 with spaces!

Other products and services :

Crystal Fanatics Club - You can get breaking news and find information by joining The Crystal Fanatics Club, where you will also find many like-minded collectors, you can look through their amazing Photo Galleries and much, much more. Just go to www.crystalfanaticsclub.com and sign up, and founder Pat King will guide you through the joining process! There are so many benefits to membership. Crystal Fanatics Club (CFC) celebrates its 17th anniversary this year!

Warner Books - Just to confirm that the books are only available in a set of 3 volumes. Because of the high cost of posting from USA to UK, and then from us to you (which in UK would be around £18 per set), we have decided that we will not stock the books ourselves this year, but instead suggest that to keep the costs down, that you go directly to the www.wbrb.com website and order them direct from USA. Please remember though, you will be ordering all 3 volumes in either colour or black and white format, and the volumes cannot be split.

Glass podiums - Following the Royal Mail price rises which came into effect on 31st March 2014, we are leaving our postage rates unchanged for the time being. The only real change to this policy is that we are no longer able to send the glass display podiums out under these arrangements, so we ask that you buy those direct from the manufacturer - details on each shop page where the podiums are advertised.

Crystal Lodge own brand boxes - You're loving our own brand Crystal Lodge boxes - we can't pack them fast enough! They really do seem to have filled one of those elusive "gaps in the market"!! Check out our new "boxes and certificate" section which is in the miscellaneous area of the shop. Our long-awaited surprise own brand product has arrived! For those of you who have been asking us about spare boxes for your boxless crystal items, we have designed and commissioned our very own Crystal Lodge boxes, complete with end caps and foam in 3 different sizes. Available in selection packs of 6, 12, 18 or 24 boxes (with graduating discount for larger packs). Hope you like them!

Other website features

Also added to the website - a CAPTCHA challenge for anyone joining our mailing list. Sorry about thiat, but it should help to prevent a lot of spoof addresses being added to our list, and ensure that only genuine people are signed up.

Google translation facility now added to help our international clients.

Facebook page panel on left of page for ease of reference. PLEASE DON'T FORGET If you are a member of Facebook - please don't forget to "like" us!! Thank you!!


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Current Swarovski

Please remember that we do not sell currently available/currently in production items of Swarovski as we do not wish to compete with Swarovski's own primary market retailers, as they don't sell retired items, so we don't sell current! Our products consist of rare and retired Swarovski crystal figurines and home accessories items.

Purchase of Crystal Exchange Ltd by The Crystal Lodge

On 1st September 2010, The Crystal Lodge purchased Crystal Exchange Ltd. If you have existing/ongoing transactions with Crystal Exchange started prior to 1st September, these will still be seen through to conclusion by Jill, but all new enquiries are being forwarded to us here at The Crystal Lodge. No stock was transferred to us as part of the handover, so if you do have items residing with Jill, don't worry, she will be in touch asap to arrange the return of your items.

For anyone previously registered with Crystal Exchange UK, please note we are not yet in receipt of their client database, so if you were registered with them, please note that we do not have details of any items you wish to sell and/or buy, nor do we have your contact details. This is because Jill is tying up loose ends on transactions which began ahead of the sale of the company and also returning any crystal which was on-site to its respective owners. We currently have their phone routed through to ours, but this is only a temporary measure while this is sorted out. Their e-mail is not coming through to us as it was a personal account, not a business one routed through their website.

Other news

We have an Ebay shop - our shop name and seller ID is "thecrystallodge". The direct link to our Ebay shop is:
https://stores.ebay.co.uk/thecrystallodge. Don't forget our website prices are generally cheaper than our Ebay shop prices.


We offer both WorldPay and PayPal as methods of payment on our website. The choice will be offered once you get to the checkout stage. We have no preference - the choice is entirely yours! All cards, including Amex may be used through both systems.

We don’t charge a fee for the use of credit or debit cards. For alll destinations we charge a simple flat fee for postage (this is set at 3 levels: UK, Europe and international) so again, you don’t have to wait until you have finished shopping to find out how much shipping will be. However, please be aware that we do not, at this time, despatch single items over 2kg in weight to international destinations If you are interested in a larger piece - then you will need to contact us for a shipping quote, as the flat rate fees cannot be used for these items, as they cannot be sent via airmail, and we need to get a courier quote.

Collect it Magazine

Did you see Collect It Magazine/September 2010 issue - blue cover with picture of Betty Boop? The magazine has THREE pages of information about Swarovski. Two pages written by our very own Alison, and one by Swarovski themselves. The magazine's theme is "Iconic Females".

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