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New York "Big Apples"

For anyone going Christmas shopping in New York - be sure to look out for these fabulous "Big Apples" which will be arriving in store - exclusively in New York city - on 24th October.

Swarovski code numbers: 5264884 (large) & 5223929 (small)

Large apple has body of clear crystal and petal and stem in light siam, with a metal tag with NY on.
Small apple has body of light siam crystal with clear petal and stem, also with a metal tag with NY on.

Large - approximate size: 2.38 X 2 X 1.88 inches
Small - approximate size: 1.62 x 1.38 x 1.38 inches

Both apples were designed by Simone Rossman.

We wouldn't normally release information like this in advance, but since these are limited to area pieces, we wouldn't want collectors who are visiting New York to miss out.

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