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The Swarovski limited edition mini Mos released in 2015 were produced in the same colours which had been used for the previously released standard sized Mos. For example, Deep Orange for Halloween Mo, Tender Pink for Pinky Mo, Vibrant Yellow for Hot Chilli Mo. You may find slight differences in the terms for the names of the Swarovski crystal colours, as Tender Green is also known as peridot, Tender Yellow as jonquil and Tender Pink as rosaline.

The full list of Mini Mo colours are (in alphabetical order): Blue Violet, Capri Blue, Deep Orange, Deep Red, Golden Shadow, Intense Fuchsia, Kakadu Red, Platinum White, Scuba Blue, Shiny Black, Sparkling White, Tender Green, Tender Pink, Tender Yellow and Vibrant Yellow.

Available individually or as a set of 15, the mini Mo vital statistics are 2.7 x 2.6 x 1.6 cm. They remain very popular and no wonder as they are incredibly cute!

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