Our photographic reference gallery is displayed in a contemporary and professional format. You can view our introduction and retirement guides, as well as conduct searches for items that you wish to research, including designers, types of animal, groups of items ie Dressed Up, Solaris, etc, and you see your search results in photographic format. Additionally, clicking on each photo brings you to the information where you can find details including the size of the item, the designer (where known), year of introduction and retirement.

We feel this is a great way to provide this information as it allows you the freedom to decide what to search for, rather than having prescriptive lists which may or may not be what you are searching for. Better still, we will be able to update the information in this format much more easily at times of new product launches and/or when retirements are announced, so it will keep the information more relevant and accurate, also making it far easier for anyone who is seeking to identify pieces of crystal as search results will be in photographic format rather than in the traditional list format.

Just click on the link below to view:



A website which needs absolutely no introduction - the Swarovski website! Packed full with currently available products, lots of information on forthcoming releases, collector events and retirements.



Because we are UK based, our payment gateway will deal with your transaction in UK pounds. Here's a great currency conversion website to help our international clients to calculate how much the items are in their own currency before they order. www.xe.com.


The Crystal Fanatics Club (CFC) is a member’s only (modest subscription fee) club for collectors of Swarovski crystal. With extensive photo galleries, discussion boards and regular live chats hosted from all around the world, the CFC is a great place to “meet” new like-minded crystal collecting friends from all over the world to discuss your favourite product. The Crystal Fanatics Club is now in its 18th year!

We would like to take the opportunity to thank the CFC for all their help and assistance while we were setting up The Crystal Lodge, in particular for allowing us to use some of their wonderful photographs from the CFC galleries. If you want to see even more galleries of photos, discuss crystal with other collectors from all around the world, then there’s no better place to be. Simply click on the link and sign up! Hope to see you there!


What is a Collecting Club?

Collecting Clubs are an important segment of the collectibles industry. The combined knowledge base of their membership is usually the backbone of knowledge for your collectibles. Many club sites have become key resources for the collectibles industry.

But what exactly do these clubs do?

They provide information to the collector via research, study and documentation. Not only do they cover club activities, provide access to insider information, and breaking news for your favourite collectible, they provide a wide array of information to the collector, offering photo galleries, a history of your particular collectible, photo features of members' collections, proper identification and more.

Many clubs are the industry watchdogs for ethics violations and reproductions. They provide information and advice to new and established members alike in the areas of managing their collections, storage and display, and convenient ways to insure your collection properly.

Many club websites offer forums and discussion groups for those having specific questions about their collections and to share information. Chat forums are held weekly where members can participate in real time.

They offer networking opportunities, the ability to buy and add to your collection, as well as trading and selling your collectibles, and attend annual events. Many club sites have become key resources for the collectibles industry. The most important thing they offer is the establishment of personal friendships, often on a worldwide basis, with people who share the same interests, friendships that can and do last a lifetime.

Being a member of a strong collecting club can personally make you more knowledgeable. If you are a serious collector, you need to be a member of a club. If you are a Swarovski collector, you need to be a member of the Crystal Fanatics Club. CFC is such a 'Collecting Club.' You can join using this Link:


We Welcome Your Participation!

Information about CFC

Packed with more information than ever and with far more powerful tools, you'll love the all new Crystal Fanatics Club!

Most often CFC is the first to bring you breaking Swarovski News! The club has several message boards. These are:

(1) The CFC Discussion Message Board - Our Main Bulletin Board, where members conduct most of their interaction. Post your message, respond to messages from others, gossip, share, and learn ALL about Swarovski!
(2) CFC Buy/Trade/Sell Board - where the hot action is for collectors like you! This is where we exchange, trade, buy and sell between club members only. Free with your membership!
(3) CFC Member Spotlights - (archived) - read all about your Fellow Collectors and see their collections!
(4) "I am looking for...." - Members post items of interest to add to their collections!
(5) "Trip Reports...." - Members post reports of their Swarovski-related trips and events including signing events and in-store events (archived).

If that wasn’t enough – there are also the photo galleries to explore. Lots of photos albums of our favourite crystal, as well as photos from CFC gatherings and events, and individual pictures posted from and by our members. There are currently more than 7,500 Photos in the photo galleries! No other club site features so many photos!


For bespoke cabinets and lighting solutions to show off and enhance your fabulous collection, look no further than Meldan Reproductions!



The world’s leading reference guide to Swarovski crystal. With effect from the 2014 edition, the books will only be sold as a set of 3 volumes. They books will be available in either black and white or colour format. Initially the books were available every year, but they are now produced in even numbered years only.

Sadly, due to high postage costs involved in getting the complete sets of books from USA to us, and then to you, we have decided that we will no longer stock the books. If you wish to order a set of 3 volumes (they are not available as individual volumes from 2014 onwards), please go to the Warner book website where you can order them direct. The website address is: www.wbrb.com.

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