Hello and welcome to the third Crystal Lodge Newsletter of 2015.

Not much news for you this time, but we wanted to say hello before the Christmas rush starts! We’ve been busy behind the scenes again getting new stock and packaging materials ready ahead of the Christmas run-up period, and we have also completed some advance work on next year’s insurance valuation guide. At time of writing, we do not know which pieces will be retiring at the end of the year, but we hope that there will be some announcements soon.

Firstly, I wanted to take this opportunity to address 2 recurring issues which clients raise with us - namely, crystal insurance and crystal repairs.

Swarovski crystal insurance policy (UK only)

The bespoke policy for Swarovski crystal collectors remains very popular. Further information, including a key facts document can be found in the insurance/valuations tab of our website. If you need a quote, just complete the e-form within that page and your details go direct to the Scheme Administrators, who will contact you within 24 working hours. The information is not seen by us, and we receive no financial benefit or incentives from your application. We highlight the policy on our website because people often ask about insurance and how to go about insuring their collections. We cannot answer your questions about the policy, as this is not our product and it would be inappropriate for us to offer, what is essentially, financial advice. The insurers are happy to answer any questions you have – their contact details are on the “Exclusive Swarovski Insurance” page within the Insurance and Valuations tab.


We are often asked about repairs and which glue to use! We can't stress enough how important it is NOT to attempt to repair a piece yourself! Only repairs undertaken by Swarovski's experts can be considered "pristine". We won't purchase any item that has been subject to a DIY repair - most are very obvious and DIY repairs ruin the piece, making it worthless, and therefore unsaleable.

Please remember that if you were to attempt your own repairs, Swarovski will realise that something has been attempted when they inspect the piece, and they will not do any work on the item at all. So, quickly sticking an ear back onto a piece now, could mean that in future, when you need a part replaced elsewhere on that piece that Swarovski will refuse to do it, as in their eyes the earlier DIY job renders the piece as no longer able to be classed as mint/pristine. So, the investment in a proper repair is best solution in the long-term.

The only safe way to get your repairs organised is to take the piece (in its original box) to your local Swarovski retailer who will send the piece off to their repair department. There is a charge for this service, but in comparison to the value of the piece once its been brought back to perfection, it is a small price to pay. You can take your item to an independent retailer for onward transition to Swarovski, but the store may charge you for the shipping costs to/from Swarovski on top of the repair charge. If in doubt, ask first!!

To reiterate, a successful repair can only be undertaken if the repair brings the piece back to pristine condition. That means, the cleaning and re-glue of a non-damaged piece, or a damaged component removed and replaced with a new one. What Swarovski cannot do is re-glue large broken pieces, or undertake repairs or re-glues to items which have further damage (ie marks to main body parts etc) which cannot be rectified. Additionally, because parts are only available on a limited basis, there are going to be pieces which can no longer be repaired as the parts are no longer available.

2005 designer Black Bull

Is anyone in the UK looking for the 2005 Limited Edition Black Bull? The great news is that we have one in stock. The bargain price is £9,750 – not negotiable. This is only available to UK clients as it must be hand delivered (at no extra cost). We can only accept bank transfer for this purchase, so it is not possible to order the piece on-line.

Steiff Bears – the end of an era

This year sees the release of Clarence the bear, who will be the last in the popular series of the Steiff/Swarovski collaborations. These bears were distributed solely in the North American market, with the first bear “Daniel” launched in 2004. Clarence wears an angel wing pendant and production is limited to 1,500 pieces. Information about all the bears in the range can be found in our on-line shop in the Miscellaneous / Third Party and Collaborative section, or by visiting our reference gallery area, clicking the link to the photo gallery and typing “Steiff” into the search box.

Crystal Fanatics Club

For all the latest breaking news about your favourite Swarovski product, there is no better place to be than the Crystal Fanatics Club (CFC) at www.crystalfanaticsclub.com, where, for a small membership fee you can find out all the latest information about new releases, forthcoming retirements and enjoy their extensive photo galleries (if you think ours are good – just wait until you see theirs!!) The CFC often gain advance information about forthcoming releases and post photos and information well in advance of official announcements. That alone is well worth the nominal joining fee. The bulletin boards and on-line chats provide a fabulous forum for discussions about your favourite product, and are a great way to meet like-minded collectors.

Just sign up and owner/founder Pat King, who is lovely lady, will set up your account and guide you through the process. More information is available from our “links” page.


We’re up to 359 likes now (all genuine ones), but we’re still trying to break that 500 barrier!

And finally …

With things already getting busier and with the mad Christmas rush on the horizon, this will probably be our last Newsletter of the year. So, while its incredibly early, we’d like to wish you compliments of the season and very best wishes for a happy 2016, and say a huge thank you for your custom and support during 2015 – we really appreciate it!

Until next time ... happy collecting!

Alison & The Crystal Lodge team

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