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2017 Launch 3 and 4 releases

Look out for new Swarovski pieces arriving in your local stores on 31st July and 18th September. Around 80 new designs are being launched across those 2 dates and there are some wonderful surprises along the way. As ever, we’re not going to show you pictures or give away too much detail, as this is Swarovski’s surprise to you, not ours, but here is an idea of what to expect:

Christmas (annual) ornaments:
Little star / set of 3 stars / SCS gold star / little gold star / SCS set (one gold, one small plus hanger) / Ball ornament / Ball ornament set / Bell ornament / Bell ornament set / Angel 2017 / Baby’s first Christmas ornament (different design).

Other Christmas:
4 more items to go with the Nativity set (Shepherd, Ox, Donkey, Sheep) – and we understand more Nativity items to come in 2018
Christmas tree in AB crystal / Shooting star ornament (AB) / Previously released Star and small star ornaments in AB crystal which were previously only available to China (see blog post below) will now be launched worldwide
Star ornament large in clear and gold tones
Two leafed holly ornament / Santa Claus ornament / Gingerbread couple ornament New designs for Rocking Penguin, Rocking Angel, Santa’s Helper, Poinsettia large, Poinsettia small, Tree topper
Snowman with Red Hat / 2017 Kris Bear / 2017 Santa’s Helper Mo / 2017 Happy Holidays Hoot the Owl

Frozen snowflake ornament / Star Wars robots – R2-D2, C-3PO, BB-8 / Cinderella’s slipper ornament / Mickey Mouse Christmas ornament / Hello Kitty Traveller

SCS items:
Pingu series: Big Brother Paco / Papa Pingu / Mama Pingu – we do not know how limited these will be (ie limited to year, to one per member etc)

Lovlots in Love – George and Georgina rabbits, Bert and Berta squirrels
Asian Icons – Dancing Lions plus a set of 12 Zodiac characters (Charming Rat, Dependable Ox, Vigorous Tiger, Gracious Rabbit, Majestic Dragon, Protective Snake, Energetic Horse, Sincere Sheep, Cheerful Monkey, Decisive Rooster, Loyal Dog, Determined Pig)

Animals (Silver Crystal):
Koala, White-eyes (bird couple), Sea lion mother with baby, Blowfish, Shell with pearl (small and large)

Gecko, Lotus, Green Magpie

Swallow, Dove, Owl

Home Décor:
Minera decorative bowls (small and medium) / Minera picture frames (silver and gold)

Asian Symbols:
Four noble plants (one piece) / Crystal base (extra large)
New series of interlocking Zodiac pieces in gold tone – being released 3 at a time: dog, tiger and horse this year)

Darth Vader Myriad (large size)
Mandarin Ducks

[Added by The Crystal Lodge on 1st June 2017]

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