Ziggy was the limited edition piece for the Lovlots City Park collection and only available during 2010. Here is how Swarovski describe Ziggy:

“Music is the language of love. Ziggy the woodpecker, the 2010 Limited Edition, spreads joy through City Park with the wonderful rhythms he creates with his Jet Metallic Blue crystal beak. Ziggy is an entertaining character with a charismatic nature. His role in the park is to provide entertainment for couples visiting the park by singing and tapping a romantic tune.


Belle Mo was the first medium sized Mo to join the herd. She was introduced in 2010 but retired in 2011, so she wasn’t available for long. This is the original Swarovski description for her: “Let’s go girls! Belle Mo joins her sisters, bringing her abundance of motivation and energy to Lovlots City. She is the first medium sized Mo and a special treat for collectors. With her cool facetted Lavender crystal and artistic floral pattern, Belle Mo is simply beautiful! Her exquisite horns are made from Medium Sapphire crystal with eyes in Jet crystal.


Unveiled at the end of 1986, the very first Annual Edition made for SCS members was available during 1987 and was also known as “Togetherness”. This is the only Annual Edition to exclusively carry the old “SCS” logo and was the first of the “Caring and Sharing” trilogy. The birds are made from clear crystal with black/white eyes and frosted beaks and they sit on a frosted crystal branch. Originally, the design was attributed as a collaborative project between Max Schreck and Adi Stocker, but in 1998 Swarovski gave full credit as designer to Max Schreck.


The Silver Crystal Express train - for the train spotters amongst you! All the carriages of the Silver Crystal Express train were designed by Gabriele Stamey.

Originally, the train comprised just 3 pieces, a locomotive, a tender car and a passenger carriage, some of the earliest ones released featured all three pieces packed in one Swarovski box. This policy later changed with each piece being sold individually. These first 3 components were available from 1988. The train proved to be highly popular with collectors, and further carriages were produced to make it even longer.


The set of 3 mini chickens, baby chickens and mini penguins contain 3 individually designed animals, while the set of 3 field mice are identical.


As well as being the sole designer for the Mother and Child trilogy, Michael Stamey was also the designer who was responsible for all 4 of the “Up in the Trees” series birds: Kingfisher, Owl, Parrot and Toucan.


Did you know that the original set of 12 (small clear crystal) zodiac animals were all designed by Anton Hirzinger? They were released in batches of 3 per year starting in 2001 with the Goat, Ox and Rat (plus the display stand). In 2002 the horse, monkey and pig followed, with 2003 seeing the introduction of the dog, rabbit and tiger, followed in 2004 by the final batch comprising the dragon, rooster and snake. The entire set, including display stand were retired in 2005.


Here in the UK, we have our indigenous red squirrel with its long fluffy red ears, but we have all heard the tales of how the “introduced” grey squirrel (native to USA) has taken over most of their habitat. Perhaps because of global variations in “real” squirrels, when Swarovski introduced their mini squirrel in 1985, it produced 2 different squirrels according to continent, with the only difference being the size of the ears. The squirrel with larger ears was initially only available in the European market to represent the red squirrel, but from 1994 onwards it became available globally.


Did you know that Swarovski used to have their own store in Bond Street, London back in the 1980s, long before the advent of the now very familiar Swarovski stores? I was going through some paperwork the other day and found an old photo of the original Swarovski store. It was at Number 9 Old Bond Street and called the “Silver Crystal Suite”. It appeared to close around the time that Swarovski embarked on a process of setting up in-store concessions, linking in with many department stores, independent retailers and high street chains.


A plea for help from a client who needed to pack his 1990 Dolphins away before some building work was going to be carried out. He thought he must have the wrong foam as it just didn’t look anything like the shape of the dolphins. Good news though, it was the right foam. It is just a case of getting the base of the dolphins into the right place in the foam, and then everything else follows! That said, this is one of the least intuitive bits of packaging as it doesn’t give you many clues! Our client definitely isn’t the first to ask this question.

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