The first 6 mini size animals produced by Swarovski were all designed by Max Schreck. The mini chick, duck, mouse, owl, rabbit and sparrow were available individually but also for a short period during 1981 to 1982 they were also produced as a set and housed in one box. This set was called the “Mini Zoo”


Lee Roy the lion is one of the Pioneer Lovlots. The original Swarovski description for him said: “In Lovlots we trust. Lee Roy is the lion Lovlot in fully faceted clear crystal with Jet Hematite crystal eyes. His character stands for vanity.” A gorgeous and very cute piece, who let’s face it, is entitled to be vain!


This year’s Swarovski annual edition is of course, Alexander the stag. Another of the Swarovski stag figurines is one of our all-time favourites at the Lodge. Designed by Adi Stocker, the stag (code 291431) from the Silver Crystal range, Rare Encounters theme was introduced in 2002 and retired in 2011. The stag is around 5 ½” (137mm) tall and has silver-tone metal antlers. His nose is in Jet and the eyes in Siam Topaz crystal, with his front hooves on a matt crystal base. We think you’ll agree, he is a very handsome and impressive beast!


When Swarovski introduced their “Design a Mo” competition on-line, they were deluged with amazing designs. To enter the competition, you had to download a template of Mo (a bit like a large line drawing) and once you had completed your design, you scanned it in and e-mailed it. 3 winners were chosen: Ice Mo which was launched in 2015, Bumblebee and Ladybird Mo in 2016 and Sailor Mo in 2017. Each winner won a Jubilee Mo (a large size Mo) and as a special treat, they received it in advance of the official launch of Jubilee Mo.


Displayed as a bowl or just as good upside down, the Apollo bowl is absolutely stunning. If you’re careful, you can even place one on top of the other to make a spiky sphere! Designed by Borek Sipek for the Selection range, the Apollo bowl is very heavy bowl and it is constructed from thick matt crystal in a semi-sphere, set with 40 different colour crystal stones on rhodium colour prongs.


Continuing on the mouse theme …

Not much is known about this special mouse other than it was a special project of Mr Paul Swarovski and 335 pieces were produced. It is believed that it was a gift given to some European retailers in or around 2006.
It does bear the Swarovski swan logo, but it doesn’t appear to have ever been given an official Swarovski part number or system number.


hard to believe, the crystal figurines we know and love started production back in 1976! For those of you, who don't know the story, here is an abridged version:


Having mentioned the Mini Mos, here’s another ever popular group. The birthstone angels were exclusively available online during 2014 (with the January one released just before the end of December 2013). Each angel measures 3.9 x 3.6 x 2.7 cm and is made from clear crystal. Every angel carries a crystal heart to represent the birthstone for a particular month. Released one at a time, one month before the month they represented, only 500 angels of each colour were produced worldwide, which makes them highly sought after.


The Swarovski limited edition mini Mos released in 2015 were produced in the same colours which had been used for the previously released standard sized Mos. For example, Deep Orange for Halloween Mo, Tender Pink for Pinky Mo, Vibrant Yellow for Hot Chilli Mo. You may find slight differences in the terms for the names of the Swarovski crystal colours, as Tender Green is also known as peridot, Tender Yellow as jonquil and Tender Pink as rosaline.


Like many of you, Duck J is probably missing the festival season this year. Duck J was a limited edition from the Happy Duck series, only available between 2010 and 2012. He shines in Blue Violet crystal with a Moonlight crystal beak. The stylish pair of silver-tone headphones is set with Violet crystals in Swarovski’s Pointiage® technique. Colourful and cool, Duck J sits on a disc with engraved details and he is 2 ¼” (54mm) long.

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