New pieces due for August release - updated

Watch out in August for the latest Christmas ornaments to be released, including the following (code numbers and UK prices added where known):

Nativity pieces - Joseph, Mary and baby Jesus [codes 5223601, 5223602, 5223604 and priced at £119, £119 and £34 respectively]
Hanging ornaments - Joy 5223255 £34 / Gold tone star (small) 5223596 £34 / Silver tone star (small) 5223598 £34 / Gift 5223258 £34 / Wreath (green) 5223687 £39 / Candy cane 5224610 £39 / Santa's stocking 5223614 / Nutcracker 5223690
Angel Emily 5215541 £119 / Angel Celeste 5218783

Kristallwelten exclusive dark green mouse

Just heard from a client who has sent pictures of a dark green replica mouse, exclusive to Kristallwelten. Thanks to "you know who you are" for the photos and info!

2016 Christmas ornament

Just to let you know that the 2016 Christmas ornament is now available to purchase from the Swarovski website. That is incredibly early this year, but probably because of its significance as this year marks the 25th anniversary of the Christmas ornament.

40 years of Swarovski figurines

Hard to believe, the crystal figurines we know and love started production 40 years ago, back in 1976! For those of you, who don't know the story, here is an abridged version:

Chinese inspired items

We noticed in the Spring/Summer catalogue from Swarovski that there is a Chinese Junk and a Chinese ingot listed in this collection. We are aware of those 2 items having been available exclusively in the Greater China region for some time, but it now looks as though they will be rolled out globally.

The Chinese Junk was available in stores in the Greater China region, whereas the Chinese ingot, we believe, was orignally only available in 2013 at special events held in China/Hong Kong.

2016 Spring / Summer catalogue now available to download from Swarovski website (SCS member area)

Just to let you know that the Spring/Summer 2016 collection brochure/catalogue is now available in the SCS member area of the Swarovski website and is available for download.

2016 Christmas ornament plus some facts about the annual Christmas ornaments - updated May 2016

Did you know that this year's Christmas ornament is already available in some Swarovski stores worldwide? It is absolutely gorgeous - we have pictures, but we're not going to spoil Swarovski's surprise. Normally, retailers receive these in the second half of the year.

This year is the 25th anniversary of the Christmas ornaments. Some Christmas ornament facts for you:

1991 - first of the star/snowflake ornaments issued. Same crystal, but different metal hanger and box in Europe and USA.

Where our clients live!

Crystal collecting is certainly a global phenomenon!

Here is the list of places that we have despatched crystal to since 2009:

Website and photo gallery updates

We've just finished working on the updates to the 2015 year of retirement and 2016 year of introduction reference galleries.

We've also added a new shop category to the website called "Asian Symbols" which should make things easier to find as this category continues to expand.

New items for 2016 release have also been added to the website in the current crystal gallery (not for sale) area, and the 2015 end of year retirements have been moved across into the shop area of the website.

Forthcoming releases

Look out for some new releases from Swarovski - launch date 1st April in UK.

Alice in Wonderland
Cheshire Cat
Hippo mum and baby (clear crystal)
Meerkats (clear crystal)
Stallion (soulmates) in Golden Shine crystal
2 more Happy Ducks (Love and Good Luck)
A pair of graceful swans
Noble dragon - large
Noble dragon - small
Ark Shell

We will add the information about those releases only once Swarovski officially release the items, as we do not want to spoil the surprise that is theirs to give. But ... just wait until you see the Cheshire cat and the meerkats - adorable!!!!

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