Website and photo gallery updates

We've just finished working on the updates to the 2015 year of retirement and 2016 year of introduction reference galleries.

We've also added a new shop category to the website called "Asian Symbols" which should make things easier to find as this category continues to expand.

New items for 2016 release have also been added to the website in the current crystal gallery (not for sale) area, and the 2015 end of year retirements have been moved across into the shop area of the website.

Forthcoming releases

Look out for some new releases from Swarovski - launch date 1st April in UK.

Alice in Wonderland
Cheshire Cat
Hippo mum and baby (clear crystal)
Meerkats (clear crystal)
Stallion (soulmates) in Golden Shine crystal
2 more Happy Ducks (Love and Good Luck)
A pair of graceful swans
Noble dragon - large
Noble dragon - small
Ark Shell

We will add the information about those releases only once Swarovski officially release the items, as we do not want to spoil the surprise that is theirs to give. But ... just wait until you see the Cheshire cat and the meerkats - adorable!!!!

January update

January is always a busy time for us here, catching up after the Christmas rush as well as getting the paperwork up to date again. Then, we need to get the insurance guide published. We try, where possible, to do the majority of the work in the previous year, but we don't get advance information from Swarovski about either retirements or new releases, so we have to wait for that to be published before we can finalise things. After that, our database needs updating.

2016 Insurance Valuation Guides

The insurance valuation guides for 2016 are now available free to download from the insurance and valuations guide tab.

For full information on how to use the guides, please read the Insurance Valuation Guide notes. which you can also download. This will answer many of your questions about the valuations and how to use the guide.

Don't forget that if you download the Excel version and add in the quantity of each piece that you have, the spreadsheet will do all the hard work calculating the total number of pieces in your collection and the total value for insurance purposes.

Welcome to our new blog page

New for 2016 - our blog page! More immediate and hopefully more frequent than our old Newsletters, we hope to bring you our information and updates on a more regular basis courtesy of this new feature!!

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