Visiting the USA this year? If so, here's another USA exclusive item which was introduced in summer 2018 that you might like to look for while you are there.

This is the only information we have about the item, which currently retails at 79 USD.

Swarovski code number: 5420322
Size: 2 3/4 x 1 x 3/8 inches
Designer: Elke Huber

The description on the Swarovski website says:


Not much is known about this special mouse other than it is believed to have been a special project of Mr Paul Swarovski and 335 pieces were produced. It is also believed that it was a gift given to some European retailers.

It does bear the Swarovski swan logo, but it doesn’t appear to have ever been given an official Swarovski part number or system number, and we have only ever seen them unboxed.


A special edition replica mouse in Golden Shadow crystal was given to Swarovski employees to celebrate the 40th anniversary of CGB (which we believe is “Consumer Goods Business”). The mouse is the same design and size as the original replica mouse, the AB mouse and the dark green mouse which was a Wattens only issue.


It looks just like the New York apple in small size, but there is a big difference!

Instead of the metal NY tag on the New York apple, each Bloomingdale's exclusive apple has a metal tag featuring the iconic "Little Brown Bag". The Bloomingdale's apple has its own Swarovski code number which is 5370853.

Another Chinese exclusive!

Just released exclusively for the Chinese/Hong Kong market, a golden Chinese Zodiac dog, in readiness for the forthcoming 2018 Year of the Dog. Available from now until 2018.

2017 Launch 3 and 4 releases

Look out for new Swarovski pieces arriving in your local stores on 31st July and 18th September. Around 80 new designs are being launched across those 2 dates and there are some wonderful surprises along the way. As ever, we’re not going to show you pictures or give away too much detail, as this is Swarovski’s surprise to you, not ours, but here is an idea of what to expect:

Christmas (annual) ornaments:

More Chinese Exclusives

We have just discovered 2 new ornaments which are available exclusively in the Greater China area. They are identical to the Christmas ornaments available elsewhere in both gold and clear versions, but the Chinese ones are available in Aurora Borealis (AB) crystal. Shame they are not more widely available as they look great in AB crystal!

New York "Big Apples"

For anyone going Christmas shopping in New York - be sure to look out for these fabulous "Big Apples" which will be arriving in store - exclusively in New York city - on 24th October.

Swarovski code numbers: 5264884 (large) & 5223929 (small)

Large apple has body of clear crystal and petal and stem in light siam, with a metal tag with NY on.
Small apple has body of light siam crystal with clear petal and stem, also with a metal tag with NY on.

Large - approximate size: 2.38 X 2 X 1.88 inches
Small - approximate size: 1.62 x 1.38 x 1.38 inches

Happy 8th Birthday to The Crystal Lodge!

Happy Birthday to The Crystal Lodge. 8 years old on 1st September 2016!

The original companies that were combined with the Crystal Lodge are, of course, alot older, having begun in the mid to late 1990s, but in this new format and with the Lodge name, its been 8 years. It really doesn't seem possible!

Many thanks for your continued support and custom. It wouldn't be the same, or indeed, possible without you!

Website and photo gallery updated

Just a quick message to let you know that we have added the latest Swarovski releases to our current crystal gallery and the photo reference gallery. We do not, of course, sell any currently available items, we just show them for completeness. The first batch of 2016 retirements have also been moved into their new categories in both the shop and the photo gallery.

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