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Soulmates panthers

The Swarovski Soulmates Panther was produced in a range of colours, with the clear and moroda (bronze colour) crystal panthers available without restriction. The orange shine, lime green and tourmaline green (the darker of the 2 green panthers) were each available in a worldwide limited edition of 888 numbered pieces. Collectors have asked why 888?…
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USA large rabbits and sparrows

As mentioned in earlier posts, in the early days of Silver Crystal sometimes there were different items manufactured in USA to Europe and vice versa. For example, the mini rabbit and mini sparrow which were available globally, were joined in the US market by a larger version. The mini rabbit is 1” (25mm) tall and…
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Nick and Spike hedgehogs

Part of the City Parks collection of Lovlots, Nick (medium sized, copper colour) and Spike, his little brother (small and lavender) were only around from 2010 to 2011. Both designed by Anton Hirzinger, the early Lovlots had personalities and back stories. Spike is enthusiastic and bright, and loves the smell of fresh flowers, sniffing them…
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The USA exclusive mini bear

Today we’re looking at another of the cutest pieces of Swarovski – the USA exclusive mini bear. A mere 32mm (approx. 1 ¼”) tall, he was the only bear in the “vintage” bear family to be issued with pointed paws, rather than rounded ones. The USA mini bear is made from clear, faceted crystal, and…
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Swarovski kiwi

The kiwi was available from 1991 and 1996 and was designed by Michael Stamey. It belonged to the Endangered species collection within the Silver Crystal range. The body of the kiwi is made from clear crystal and it has black eyes. The feet and beak are made from frosted crystal. We have noted that the…
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Kris Bear with pink and blue cupcakes

With the latest series of the Great British Bake Off now well underway, we wondered whether Kris Bear’s attempts at a pink cupcake (5004484) and a blue cupcake (5051769) would be deemed worthy of a “Hollywood Handshake”?!!
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