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Its beginning to look a lot like Christmas …

We’re not quite in full Christmas mode yet, but we’re getting there! As per the infamous line in “Jaws”, our post lady is going to need a bigger van soon as things are just about to go crazy!
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Swarovski Advent calendar 2020

Did you know that this year’s limited edition advent calendar was meant to be the second advent calendar in a series?  The 2020 advent calendar never made it into full production – or into store – because of the loss of production time due to the closure of factory and then the Covid/social distancing measures…
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New feature added to store

This week we’ve had a new feature added to our website. This will mean that when you order from us, we can input your parcel’s tracking details into the system. You will receive an automatically generated e-mail telling you that your parcel has been despatched and telling you the courier name and giving you your…
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New sub-category added to store

For those of you who love designer signed pieces, we’ve just added a new sub-category to our store in the Miscellaneous section so that all items which have been signed by the designers can be found in one place. More items to be added soon!
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Revised Christmas posting dates

Royal Mail have just updated the last posting dates for Christmas, and there are quite a few changes: 1st December – Caribbean 6th December – Australia, Greece, Italy,  New Zealand and Portugal 8th December – Africa, Central and South America, Asia, Far and Middle East 10th December – Cyprus, Malta, Sweden, Eastern Europe (except Czech…
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The mini zoo

The first 6 mini size animals produced by Swarovski were all designed by Max Schreck. The mini chick, duck, mouse, owl, rabbit and sparrow were available individually but also for a short period during 1981 to 1982 they were also produced as a set and housed in one box. This set was called the “Mini…
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