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Swarovski Advent calendar 2020


Did you know that this year’s limited edition advent calendar was meant to be the second advent calendar in a series?  The 2020 advent calendar never made it into full production – or into store – because of the loss of production time due to the closure of factory and then the Covid/social distancing measures when it re-opened.  This calendar was designed in blue in the style of a chalet, which opened up to reveal the drawers of goodies. 

Towards the end of 2020, for a few days, there were a few shimmer and AB finished standard and little ornaments available in the 2020 ornament style from Swarovski’s website.  They were snapped up very quickly indeed.  We believe that these 2020 dated ornaments were originally destined to be part of the 2020 calendar, but could not be “rolled over” to the 2021 calendar as they were the wrong shape to be 2021 ornaments.  We believe that Swarovski decided to sell them individually rather than destroy them.  If you look closely at the photo of the advent calendar which never made it to production, you can see some of those AB/shimmer ornaments hanging on it. 

Below are pictures of the the 2020 advent calendar (blue), the 2021 advent calendar (green) and the AB/shimmer ornaments for 2020.

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