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USA large rabbits and sparrows


As mentioned in earlier posts, in the early days of Silver Crystal sometimes there were different items manufactured in USA to Europe and vice versa. For example, the mini rabbit and mini sparrow which were available globally, were joined in the US market by a larger version. The mini rabbit is 1” (25mm) tall and was introduced in 1979, retiring in 1988. While it may not sound particularly large (its all relative!), the USA exclusive large rabbit stands at 1 ½” (38mm) tall and was introduced in 1983, retiring in 1988. The mini sparrow is ¾” (19mm) tall and was introduced in 1979, retiring in 1991. The USA exclusive large sparrow stands at 1 ¼” (32mm) tall. All 4 of these were designed by the late Max Schreck and both sparrows have silver colour metal beaks. The large rabbits and sparrows are always highly sought after and they look great on display with the mini ones.

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