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The Crystal Lodge is 13 today!


The Crystal Lodge (in its current format) is 13 years old today.  Thank you again for your support, loyalty and custom through the years – we really couldn’t do this without you.  Thank you also for all the lovely comments and messages about our new website – we’ve had such positive feedback about it.  Apologies that we’ve been very quiet on both Facebook and our blog page, but this year has been so incredibly busy with so much going on, not just sales-wise, but also overseeing the initial build, design phase and introduction of the new website (not to mention getting used to it as it runs on a totally different system to our previous website).  The project took over 8 months due to the sheer size and complexity of what we wanted to achieve with it, and how we wanted it to look.  We’re now catching up with other projects that got put to one side, but we’re getting there – and loving every minute of it!  Year 14 starts here, we can hardly believe its been that long!  Time has flown!

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